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amiadmin - Friday, 08 March 2019

Superheroes Way to Lead a Startup

Often times, enthusiasts and aspiring startup founders get inspired from 300+ pages business books to start their own startup journey, but believe it or not comic book wisdom is packed with all the insights you need to create a spectacular startup with the fewest words possible to brief you within a short three minutes.

Now, within the hype of Superhero movies here are five Superheroes way to help you lead a startup,


First superhero rule is, listen first than normal people do. The secret to create an outstanding startup is by proactively listening for problems around you. In fact a superhero like founder should recognize that something is wrong while everyone is still happily going about their business. This concludes the most basic rule to launch a startup, is to focus on solving specific problems you have heard specific people say really drives them crazy.


The second superhero rule is to help people even if you do not know them. Your startup has to help not only the people you know, but also those you don’t even know existed. Superheroes care about all people! Second rule is to help as many people as you could reach by your solution.


Third superhero rule is to be highly creative in your efforts to save the day, in this case superhero founders should be aware that the same solution won’t work every time. There’s always a bigger problem ahead your startup’s building journey.


The fourth rule is to be relentlessly optimistic, during hard times you need to keep your faith in yourself and your allies (founding team).


The last is to never stop trying until the job is done, just like superheroes who's never rest before he/she is finished saving the world. A Superhero like founder’s job is not only to try, but to succeed.

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