12 Apr

Friday, 12 April 2019

April’s Pitch Day Candidates

Announcing our Pitch Day participants for April!

As we always hold in-house Pitch Day or as people call it “speed dating” each month within startups and our Board of Directors, where each selected participants are given a 45 minutes presentation slot in front of potential investors. Prepare your deck, prepare yourself for this moment of convincing and selling your solution. Here are a glints of our candidates this month:

Bitland offers a unique approach of a crowdfunding platform, this one is focus on land transaction. A solution for those early investors who’d like to try on land investment without having to gamble a big money to invest one.

An apps that converted each of your steps to purchasable points, be it F&B merchants or your favourite workout spots. Fitco encourages people to walk more and even use public transport instead of private vehicles, indirect solution to solve our city’s traffic problem.

Amtiss is a cloud based solution for enterprise to improve the productivity of heavy equipment maintenance process. Offering a fresh approach in a serious sector, construction, mining and plantation.

Founded by the team of Blockchain Zoo, Kendi is a sustainable peer to peer financing platform with a data collaboration powered by a blockchain technology, of course! Unlike any other P2P startups, this one complement its solution with a built in POS system.

Specific solution for hikers, as we’re living in the ring of fire with many mountains hikers could explore. Mountable is offering a more secured feelings for hikers, especially for a new starters by building a tracking and hikers monitoring device. A proven solution as Mountable has saved a number of hikers since launched a few months ago.

A solution for logistics business, Flynd is digitizing logistics operations with an end to end logistics operation system.

Mallness is an online to offline platform for malls, with complete directory to malls, feature to find events and promotions, loyalty cards as well as e-wallets. A solution for all malls goers.

Cooperative system should not be a traditional approach anymore, Nusago offers a solution for factory workers to use their salary before the pay day at their partnered merchants and repaid auto debit on pay day.

Congrats for all selected candidates, Alpha Momentum looks forward to meeting each of you soon on our Pitch Day.

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