AMPLIFY stands for Alpha Momentum Program – Learn. Improve. Fund. Yield. We like the name AMPLIFY as it has multiple meanings. It stands for increasing the volume and to make it more marked and intense. It also stands for expanding an idea and developing it into more details.Which is precisely what we do at Alpha Momentum. Besides, AMPLIFY is a cool name.

< To be discussed if we were to include Startups from outside Jakarta>

< To be discussed if we were to include Startups from outside Jakarta>

Apply here to be part of this AMPLIFY program. If you are selected, we will enroll you into the AMPLIFY program where you can get a chance to have a seed funding for your Startup.

There is currently no fixed or standard investment amount. The invested amount usually depends on the idea, the company or the maturity stage of your Startup. In return we asked for a percentage of the company’s equity that matches fairly to amount that we will invest in.

Unfortunately, we are not able to commit ourselves to signing an NDA. The informal commitment to secrecy on our application form is more than sufficient. You will realize that no venture firm would sign any NDA at this stage.

It is not recommended that you do so. You should pick your favorite and apply with that one. We do prefer founding team to focus their energy into only one so that the idea can be developed with 100%concentration by the team.

We try not to accept competing companies that are working on the same idea, but we cannot guarantee it. In those situations, Startup ideas may evolve into overlapping ideas after we have selected and worked on them and perhaps morph to overlapping ideas on their own. In those situations, we cannot avoid it but we will do our best to avoid sharing information and details between two of these overlapping startups with the same idea.

We have a selection and evaluation process internally but unfortunately, this is something we cannot share publically. A lot of these evaluation has to do with your startup ideas, maturity of your Startup idea, the potential of your idea, its Founder and founding team and personal interviews that we will conduct before we make a final selection.

As long as you apply within the closing dateline for the intake, it typically takes us up to 4 weeks to identify a candidate for the selection after you have submitted your application. If you have beenchosen as a candidate, we will notify you immediately on the nextcourse of action as soon as possible. The next course of action is usually to call for a personal interview, as we would like to meet the Founders and its founding team before we confirm the Startup’s candidacy into
the program. If you do not hear from us and the program has already been started, it’s likely that we did not select your application.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer, as we ourselves may not even have an answer for you! In reality, even the best of investors are quite bad at picking winners. All we suggest is that you do not take it personally and continue to work on your idea, and reapply for the AMPLIFY program during the next cycle of intake and funding.

Startups that apply into AMPLIFY could be in various stages in its maturity. We do not impose any condition on this. Some exists as just ideas, some Startups may have been newly formed and some may have already being funded by some other investors before they apply. If you apply and become a candidate for selection, we can discuss further to what you are looking for during the next stage of a personal interview.

Some Startups may have sufficient funding on their own and we stillencourage these Startups to register and apply with us. The money we invest works more like a financial aid to begin the Startup and are not the most important thing in this program. If alternatively, you are only looking for mentorship and guidance, we can discuss how you can participate into the program if you are selected, but it depends on whether you are willing to accept the terms of conditions of our program.

At this stage, we do prefer Startups with ideas that are related to innovative use of technology at some form or type. Having said that, this could be a very wide field to discuss and therefore, we often find ourselves looking for ‘Innovative Startups’ instead. By innovative, we meant that you could be working on the latest technology to deliver an idea or having an innovative way to solve a problem that have some form of technology in it.

Yes. We do look into Solo founders too. It is always better to work on a startup idea with a co-founder though, and it is recommended but wedo not reject great Startups or great Ideas just because the Founder is working on it alone.

We do encourage the founding team to have a founder, co-founder or member that are technical in nature or have a good understanding of technology, if technology is used excessively as part of the idea. Outsourcing this to a third party will become a challenge if no one in your team understands the technology required to run this Startup.

Nope. However, you may have to consider incorporating this at a later stage and we may be able to assist you.

Yes. Do continue to work on your idea and re-apply for the program if you are not selected into it!

Currently, we have not made any provisions to accept Indonesia-onlyStartups but because we are based in Indonesia and is a relatively new VC firm, it is quite obvious that a large bulk of the Startups we look intomay be based in Indonesia. It does not stop you from applying however, and if your ideas are brilliant – why not? You’ll never know.

Yes. We do not see why not as long as there are no conflicts with the other Accelerator or Incubator.