a 3-months intensive program for the selected Startups who have joined fellowship program membership. They will also receive a seed funding.

We will work with these Startups to build their ideas into their best possible shape, develop the companies to its best potential and refine their pitch to the investors.

They will be culminated in a Demo Day, when these startups present their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only group of Investors and audience.

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Amplify program provides mentorship which will allow you to gain knowledge you need to develop and grow your startup from prominent figure in the field
By being part of Amplify Program, Alpha momentum will assist your startups with skills needed especially in technical skill as we are part of one of leading IT corporation, CTI Group.
Expand your network with fellow founders and investors in our community as we will have weekly gathering to put early-stage founders and investors together in a panel discussion session.
New Offering
Don’t miss the opprtunity to get special rate to be part of our starthub connect and other prestigious startup events which will bring your startups to the public.