We are an Indonesia-based venture capital firm founded by an exceptional team of seasoned entrepreneurs and proven international business leaders. Our intend is to work with emerging Startups with great ideas that are revolutionary and businessdisruptive. We provide a new and exciting model in the country to accelerate these Startups and transform ideas into entrepreneurial businesses.

We uphold entrepreneurship in curating our program to accelerate early-stage busineses and ensuring their success.
We value innovation of early-stage business to bring a better quality of life. Through our program we will work together developing innovation to bring impact to our surroundings.
We build a healthy and lively community where Startup founding teams and investors can work together to spur the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Rachmat Gunawan

the Chief Executive Officer of PT Alfa Momentum Indonesia who is responsible for the company’s business operations and development. Born in 1966, Gunawan has experiences in information technology industry for 28 years with his prior careers in IT solution provider PT Computrade Technology International and a system integrator company. His skills involve in strategic and creative thinking, business planning and execution as well as marketing management. Gunawan received his bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from Satya Wacana Christian University and Business Administration from Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom.

Suzan Zhang

the second-in-command of PT Alfa Momentum Indonesia. She is known for her expertise in developing business strategy and building channel network in IT industry. She is also the Commissioner of PT Central Data Technology after serving as CEO in the company since 2015. Aside from her professional career, she is the Steering Committee of iCIO Community, which is established for CIOs and senior IT staff members to help them network, share knowledge and receive guidance for their continued success. Zhang has over 15 years’ experience in networking, security, ICT, and infrastructure at system integration and distribution companies.

Kelvin Yim
Executive Director & Founding Mentor

Kelvin Yim has over 27 years of regional experience ranging from client servicing, technical sales, channels and consultancy with Multinational Companies and has developed a keen interest in Innovation and Startups. He was leading technical sales teams to cover leading industries before forming his own Startup and has spent a great part of those years in APAC and Asean regions, particularly in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. With his distinct wide-ranging business experience and a passionate drive for technology innovation, he had helped developed a few businesses and Startups that have found successes in progressing to next levels. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of East London.